Welcome to Straid Web Design. We specialize in providing professional and personal service to our clients to help them understand and utilize the World Wide Web to their maximum benefit. Our aim is to create an Internet presence for businesses, which will increase profits and boost marketing presence.

We would first discuss how you want your site to look, how many pages you think you'll need, what market you'd like to target, etc. You can then decide which of the three plans you would like or if you would like a custom plan. Then, we would develop some prototypes of a home page so that you can determine what design and colours best suit you. After you provide us with your design decision, logo, text, and any graphics you want, Straid Web Design will begin to build your site.

At one time just having a site on the Internet was enough to attract business. In today's world, having Web presence is not enough, you have to become better than your competition. At Straid Web Design we will design your company a Web Site that will develop a strategy to launch your company down the information super highway.